Ceci Gervaso Ortiz

Uruguay , 1984

In life, in my pictures, in everything concerning creation, I am moved by aesthetics, the assembling of objects, the physical spaces, people in those spaces. The human body, every form of body. I often get lost for a long time in ideas.
I think I’m painting while I take my meal pictures. I pile up and then arrange. I spend my time searching for lines, what is straight, what matches.
The photo, the image or the physical space come to me out of the blue, from nothingness, from what I can find. I give opinions. I play and create with what I see, with what I have before me. I use people around me, I use myself to create. I fantasize. I ‘m carried out by my anxiety a lot. My trips helped me drag inspiration and information into my banco mental . I like to do and to devise. I ‘m clueless about what or when precisely; everything and in great quantities.
I’m always trying to live a bit more slowly, thus I don’t miss anything.