Auch magazine is the creation of Uruguayan filmmaker Federico Molinari and his desire to expand those mental visions into immense still lifes of creativity.

With the idea in mind, he assembles a team for each theme he launches. Sabrina Srur, a Uruguayan photographer and member of Hungry Art with her personal work, is responsible for translating those ideas into images in this issue of Auch, while Marina Fernandez, creative, partner, and mother of Federico's incredible son, Fausto, brings the art of this mishmash of ideas to life in her fundamental, marvelous, and primary task.

Auch is a magazine born out of the need to find new stimuli that shake up the world. Images come from all directions but connect under the concept of seeking the beauty that hurts. In an era where visual aspects overwhelm us with options, it's difficult to find something genuine that can take us out of our comfort zone, and that's where our challenge lies. Digging beneath the surface to encounter what truly connects us to the unconscious. The basic idea of the magazine is to create images that don't exist but that we need to see. To provoke from an instinctive, primal, and visceral side. We are inspired by surrealism, colors, everyday materials, intensity, and mysticism.

We are drawn to the extraordinary within the mundane. Also, the transformation possibilities offered by objects and people to understand certain things from another point of view.

We like to look inward to represent and change the outside. That's why we choose studio photos. We handle reality from a different territory, manipulating the image and finding beauty in uselessness.