(Montevideo, Uruguay)

I'm Bruno Ruggiero. I was born in Montevideo in the last year of the 1980s (1989), more precisely, on the twenty-seventh day of the third month (March 27th).

I am inspired by design and those timeless objects that leave their mark on time. I am inspired by the ambivalence between the old and the modern and the role of nature in making all this possible.

I understand that everything that happens is managed with an almost imperceptible synchronicity, which is why the perfection of imperfection fascinates me.

Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to express myself in some artistic way; whether through painting, photography, design, or music. However, life took me down different paths, and it was only after leaving the country that I returned to what I truly enjoyed.

I have no formal academic background in techniques or anything related to it. I am simply an explorer, self-taught, and based on that, I create.

Materializing an idea and having some kind of impact on a person seems incredible to me. Having the work invite thought, draw conclusions, exchange ideas. That's what I want to reflect in my work.