Hungry art is an art gallery for the sale and exhibition of works from new and established artists from diverses discipline.
We offer an expert and welcoming environment to learn more about art prints and guide you through the process of acquiring them, whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned collector. Beyond our represented artists, we can also source and help negotiate the purchase of prints from other artists and collections on your behalf.

The artists invited will cover the gallery with their works in store format.
These works will be presented for sale in “prints” format, so that the consumer can make his choice out of two categories: "fine art" and "deco".

The rest of creations that do not include digital design, illustration, photography or painting will be included in the "products" section.

Hungry art is a creation of the photographer and art stylist Ceci Gervaso Ortiz. She was born in Uruguay and lived abroad for many years. During that period she managed to discover a great deal of both emerging and well-known artists who produced an outstanding collection of Works.

The main point of Hungry Art from its start has been to put together these Works, some conceived exclusively for this Project, in one place, so that they can be admired and acquired.

Maru Elorza, a Uruguayan designer and illustrator, is one of the future artists of Hungry Art; she will contribute with Works she is currently producing, and is part of the team that focus the social media planning and communication.

For the time being, Hungry Art has no physical gallery but its online platform. However, the main working, pick up and atelier spot, the office where ideas pop up, where the meetings take place, where people interested in buying and creating are assisted, is located right in the middle of the Ciudad Vieja , in Montevideo, Uruguay.

See how it is HERE.