Hungry Art is a digital art platform that brings together multiple artists from various disciplines summoned to create work, the vast majority, especially for the project.

The artists are carefully chosen by the Hungry Art team who research and look for works that describe the philosophy and the desire of this initiative.

Hungry Art seeks to promote both artists with a career and those who are just beginning to build it.

The gallery is dressed with creations in illustration, photography, painting, digital design and more.

Organizing events, identifying places to hold them, building public, collaborating with other enterprises generating synergies, building networks and advising collectors are some of our activities.

Promote, show, nurture art. Create, do. Do not stop doing it, do not stop generating, creating. That is what we want to do with Hungry Art. That is what motivates us, moves us.


Hungry art is a creation of the photographer and art stylist Ceci Gervaso Ortiz. She was born in Uruguay and lived abroad for many years. During that period she managed to discover a great deal of both emerging and well-known artists who produced an outstanding collection of Works.