36 years.

She was born early in the morning. She grew up in many places, in many houses. She studied many things but never finished anything, including ceramics, drawing, painting, textile design, engraving techniques, and screen printing. She suffered from emotional instabilities and imbalances for years, feeling dead inside but managed to come out of the tunnel. She always maintained her research and production processes independently of studies and work. Her homes were always her studio, and she enjoys living alone.

Her creative processes are diverse, and she usually works simultaneously on writing, music, and visual arts. Her concerns are immense and change over time. She has worked in painting, collage, soft sculpture, mixed media, intervened photography, and conceptual art. She lives searching for ways to produce meaning through her relationship with everything she has been and everything she is, with everything that touches her. She sees art as an attitude towards life, as a transformative process from the inside out. Life hurts, art saves.