Ceci Gervaso Ortiz

Uruguay , 1984

Ceci studies photography in two great schools, in Montevideo, Uruguay and in Barcelona, where she continues her studies in different workshops with photographers from Barcelona who guide her to follow that self-taught way that she applied from a very young age to end up finding and capturing a style

"In life, in my pictures, in everything concerning creation, I am moved by aesthetics, the assembling of objects, the physical spaces, people in those spaces. The human body, every form of body. I often get lost for a long time in ideas.
I think I’m painting while I take my meal pictures. I pile up and then arrange. I spend my time searching for lines, what is straight, what matches.
The photo, the image or the physical space come to me out of the blue, from nothingness, from what I can find. I give opinions. I play and create with what I see, with what I have before me. I use people around me, I use myself to create. I fantasize. I ‘m carried out by my anxiety a lot. My trips helped me drag inspiration and information into my banco mental . I like to do and to devise. I ‘m clueless about what or when precisely; everything and in great quantities.
I’m always trying to live a bit more slowly, thus I don’t miss anything."