Design, Illustration

His main profession nowadays is that of a tattoo artist. Emilio leads us to the fantasy of drawing, to the surreal. He interprets colors, shapes, and places characters to form paintings, drawings, whether on a tablet or on canvas. He talks about dreams, both good and bad. Confusing dreams where the mix of elements found in what he does and how they are interpreted leads you to a spectacular nonsense that grips you like a movie. At the same time, he has different techniques; he doesn't confine himself to one and portrays his work as a tattoo artist, developing various aesthetics, adapting to the client's request and desires for what they want to tattoo. He uses the screen to transmute what was done with a brush. Now he does it digitally, almost deceiving the viewer who looks at the result without knowing if, although always by hand, it is real and tangible or digital. The works he did for Hungry Art that we present here were under the theme; "Garden of Delights," an event that took place at the multicultural space Universal in the Old City of Montevideo, Uruguay, along with other gastronomic ventures and art enthusiasts.