Juan Fielitz

(Montevideo, Uruguay)

Juan Fielitz is a visual artist, graphic designer and design professor based in Montevideo, Uruguay. His practice explores the materiality of the image through the use and manipulation of the editorial archive. He has participated in individual and group exhibitions since 2015 in Uruguay, Chile, Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium. He has been part of publications and editorial projects in Uruguay, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Japan. He is currently a design teacher in the Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Catholic University of Uruguay (UCU).
Awards and Scholarships1st Emerging Designers, Cultural Center of Spain in Montevideo (CCE). Montevideo, Uruguay, 2014.
1st Prize Photobook UY, Montevideo Photography Center (CDF). Montevideo, Uruguay, 2019Scholarship Fund to Stimulate Artistic Training and Creation (FEFCA).
MEC, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2019
Worldclass Educator, Center for Higher Design Studies of Monterrey (CEDIM). Monterrey, Mexico, 2022