Manuela Uranga



Graduating with a degree in Plastic and Visual Arts in 2022 from the Faculty of Arts - UDELAR, specializing in Fire Arts, she began her studies in ceramics at the Dr. Pedro Figari School of Arts and Crafts (2010-2011). She continued her training in various workshops in Montevideo, mainly with instructors Patricia Magariños (2012-2017) and Carlos Barrientos (2016).

In 2016, she started creating her ceramic pieces under the name Cosita Guaranga, a brand she maintains to this day and with which she has participated in numerous fairs and exhibitions. In 2022, she opened the space-workshop Otra Cerámica with Florencia Apud. In 2021, she was part of the project Barro en Movimiento, through which they taught ceramic practices to children in rural schools in the department of Cerro Largo.

She has been a ceramics instructor since 2017, teaching both in her private workshop and at the Youth Center La Casilla. Since 2010, she has been involved in the National Ceramics Meeting of Uruguay - CCU, both as a participant and workshop leader.

She has researched different techniques and materials, focusing on hand-building techniques, making engobes, burnishing with river and stream stones, formulating clays, and constructing sculptural and ephemeral paper kilns. From her personal practice with ceramics, characters and graphic illustrations emerge. She is interested in finding connections between pre-Columbian and contemporary methods and symbolisms. Her pieces convey multiple narratives and possible imaginaries.