Silvina Rodriguez Amelotti (b.1989) is originally from Uruguay.

"In the workshop, which is like my temple where I need to go to practice daily, I combine different materials that trigger visual juxtapositions to show my particular vision of the world ... where I have been, where I am today and most importantly, the constant uncertainty of where I am going . My work is determined by emigrating and being immersed in different places. While I am adrift, I create a visual journal of experiences or I notice what surrounds me, to materialize in my workshop. I investigate how people communicate, their gestures, their daily routines, and where they live (especially when it comes to street scenes). At the same time, I am interested in cartoony images, the "noise" of the marks with which we share our lives, the perpetual observation of people, animal symbolism, and found images that are fixed in my mind and create an urge to be captured. . A recurring reference in my works are the animals that inspire me to represent the beautiful and the rare but without having to innovate: I am dazzled by the infinity of shapes and textures. What I capture is innocent in terms of the expressiveness of the materials, and also missionary. I intend to preserve these species, to remember that they are displaced and conquered by our expansion and our consumption. I oscillate between native species of the place and exotic animals that fascinate me. I adopt the imaginary role of a biologist when researching species and characteristics new to me. My charm for observing "the daily routine" makes my work based on the characteristics that call my attention to it. In short, my move from Uruguay has made me feel a feeling of not fitting in, of discomfort in relation to entrenched social norms; This is reflected in my work by the humor, the teasing tone with which I express myself in a visceral way." Silvina Rodríguez (Selva Nara)